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by admin on August 6, 2010


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The thing I like the most about this coffee maker is that it is so clean. I should explain that I had to get rid of my last coffee maker because it got infested with ants – little caffiene crazy monsters that built a whole ant society in the bottom of the machine. Hopefully they will leave Zutto alone because there is no danger of coffee overflowing the filter basket and getting into the water tank and generally making a mess everytime I brew. Zutto’s design has the coffee filter basket separate from the machine; it sits in the top of the oversized glass carafe. This means nothing is going through the machine itself except water. And the separate basket makes it especially easy to dump the grounds and rinse it out every time you brew. Additionally Zutto seems to be well made; it’s plastic but it’s not cheap plastic. And it makes good coffee, hotter than my last couple of machines, and has a built in water filter. The filter basket and its lid do just sit in the top of the carafe, and the instructions recommend more than once that you keep your thumb on the tab at the top of the handle so that it doesn’t all fall out when you pour. This has not been a problem for me, though some people might not like that. My only complaint has to do with the labeling of the number of cups. We are all used to the riddiculously small measure of 5 ounces that seems to be the standard size used on American coffee pots. Due to some crazy mixup with the metric system, Zutto’s cups are only about 4 ounces. You need to make 3 cups to fill up a mug, and the machine should be compared to others that claim to be 4 cups, not 5. However, Zutto does come with an appropriately sized down scoop that will keep your coffee strength at the level recommended by your local barrista.


Cuppa Joe Anyone?If the quality of the merchandise and the cup of coffee are important to you, buy this little guy! I’ll never buy another $15 drip coffee machine. I love this coffee pot to the point where I neurotically think about my coffee all the time now! It has a built in charcol filter and we feed it RO water and Dunkin’ Donnuts coffee. The result is a very happy old man! It is easy to use and clean and it will accept one of the golden filters, Ah! Life is good!Great smaller drip coffee makerI like the seperate water container so I don’t spill water all over trying to fill it up. The coffee filter inside the pot is different & works well. When you pick up the pot there is no dripping from a drip chamber with wet grounds. The pot doesn’t leak when pouring coffee into my cup. I do need to hold the latch that holds on the lid, even if I take out the coffee ground chamber, as the lid does move otherwise. Maybe they should have made the latch a little bigger to hold securely. It makes great coffee too. I like that it has a water filter. I am using bottled spring water as my tap has alot of sediment.Makes GREAT coffee!This little gem makes delicious coffee with no sediment in the bottom of your cup. Really just makes 2 big cups of coffee and not 5 cups.great coffeeThis coffee maker brews an excellent cup of coffee,it is easy to use,very simple concept,cleans easily and feels a lot sturdier than others I have used.Mostly terrificFor a small (4-5 cup) coffeemaker this is mostly perfect. The good is very GOOD: 1) the filter is in the pot, not the maker, so emptying grounds is very clean and easy. I can’t overstate how much this improves the routine in the kitchen (remember dragging the wet filters across the counter to the trash?). 2) the water tank is easily removed and filled at the sink (also a convenience). 3) it has a simple design where you can see everything easily, including the water level and the coffee in the carafe. And 4) it never drips coffee on the hot plate, just water (since the filter and grounds are in the carafe). The BAD: 1) doesn’t have auto turn off that I can tell. 2) doesn’t allow you to grab the pot and pout a cup before it is done brewing (it brews quickly, especially 3 or 4 cups, but still). 3) it’s expensive. FINAL VERDICT: I’m glad I have it. The “good” things above are really major for anyone making daily coffee. Does it make better coffee than other makers? I don’t see how. But I don’t see how it’s any worse. Tastes great.good little coffee makerThis is a good little coffee maker. Especially like the tapered basket. Also like the removable water tank. Easy to clean all the parts. Cons are the somewhat pricey cost and no bells and whistles, such as a timed shutoff. But still a good coffee maker that does a good job

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