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Zojirushi EC BD15BA

by admin on August 15, 2010


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I have very basic requirements for a coffee maker. It has to make decent hot coffee and keep it hot. I don’t the clock or programmable timer and will probably never use it. This replaces a thermal carafe Melitta that made lukewarm coffee that was cold within an hour. No more running to the microwave to re-heat coffee for me. I haven’t had any problem using #4 generic store brand filters. I also use #2 filters purchased by mistake that work fine for making smaller pots.


BuyingZojirushi EC-BD15 Fresh Brew Thermal Carafe Coffee MakerZojirushi coffee makerThis coffee maker is quick to brew and the coffee is really hot. Just the way I like it.An excellent coffee makerAfter a month of daily service, we are very happy with this coffee maker – the coffee tastes great and the carafe keeps it hot for hours (if it isn’t all drunk right away.) A minor nit to pick is that it is supposed to take #4 filters, but the supply we have (Trader Joe’s) must be trimmed down in order to fit, yet they were fine in our previous Krups machine. I would recommend this coffee maker.Great coffee maker, with minor caveatsI spent a long time reading reviews here and elsewhere before purchasing this coffee maker. Keep in mind, no coffee maker under $100 is going to be perfect. You will always find complaints but overall, I really like this coffee maker. Pros: * It makes good coffee quickly. This replaced a Krups that literally just wore out and I think we made a good choice for a daily brewer. We’ve had it for over 6 months now and it’s held well to daily use. The coffee tastes great and stays hot longer than our Krups. I don’t like blindly hot coffee and I understand that purists expect a particular temperature on the brew. I’m not anal enough to gather the equipment to check the temperature regularly, but for a $100 coffee maker I’m not expecting the perfect I might get from a commercial machine. This is a solid coffee maker. * Speed. I’d rate this is as standard for brew speed, not too slow, not too fast. * Easy to clean. The carafe, bucket and unit itself are easy to maintain. The bucket is slightly shorter than standard #4 paper filters, but they still fit fine. If you want to special order European filters so that the fit is perfect, go ahead, but we don’t bother and everything works great. * Good User interface. Easy to set timer, easy to use programming, always works as programmed. The display for the reservoir is prominently placed and very easy to read, LOVE that. Cons: * Height. This unit is very tall, so it’s not going to fit under most cupboards. We display ours on a kitchen island so this doesn’t worry me at all. * Pour. The carafe’s pour is difficult because this was designed to hold as much heat inside as possible. On our old Krups, loosening the carafe lid lead to an faster pour but on this carafe, that only causes the poor to be broader and more sloppy. You have to deal with a slower pour into the cup. One note: a number of people have complained about the carafe causing spills and overflows onto their counters. This coffee maker has a unique delivery device to the carafe to keep the coffee hot. You must situate the carafe under a floating ball-mounted drip device that drips directly into the carafe. Honestly I can see how this might be a problem if you’re not paying attention, but after 250+ pots of coffee we’ve never overflowed this carafe once. Our Krups would overflow about once every two months, usually due to user error. Take 2 seconds to situate the carafe before brewing and there’s no problem here. Overall I’m very happy with this coffee maker. The size and shape are going to be difficult for some kitchen placements, but otherwise this works great and we’re really happy with it. I’d recommend it to anyone in the market for a good coffee maker at a $100 or less.

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