The Keurig B60 ? is it really the best?

by admin on August 12, 2010

Okay, you’ve decided to buy a coffee maker, is the Keurig B60 the best for you? What are you wanting in your chosen machine?

If you are like me the first thing is the appeal. Part of making coffee at home is when guests come over for dinner or just for a coffee. While I stand their brewing, I want my machine to have that “wow” factor and the Keurig coffee maker definitely has that appeal.

But once the “I’m looking good here in front of my machine” wears off, you just want a good cup of coffee. So does this machine deliver on that front too?

In fact this is the best coffee maker around for your home. It’s sleek and stylish so it will fit any décor you have inside your kitchen. It’s programmable so you can have that coffee made in just a few seconds when you need it most – and remember this will deliver your coffee in less than 10 seconds.

Once again, with that blue back lit, fashionable LCD display you are looking good even when you wake up in the morning, brewing your coffee ready for the day.

And if you change your mind and want a different brew, a flavored coffee, tea or even just hot water to make some oatmeal, then the Keurig B60 will deliver time and time again.

However there was one aspect I was concerned about, way before I ever decided to buy a coffee machine. How often do I have to clean it, is it hard to clean, messy, because I know I’ll have to do it, my wife certainly won’t … after all this was my idea to get one not hers.

To say easy is an understatement…

It has a removable drip tray, there’s even a warning to tell you now is the best time to clean it. Simply – no mess and no fuss, you can clean this in a minute.

And with that removable drip tray, it means I can place my travel mug and fill it up so I can have a coffee on my way to work with no problems at all.

With that 8 cup reservoir, you don’t need to refill the machine and have your wife/husband cursing you saying you’ve run the thing dry. Even when you have guests over the Keurig B60 will have enough in its tank to give everyone a cup, and it’s quick enough to brew so that the first coffee isn’t cold by the time the last one arrives.

So if you’re looking for a great coffee maker, then you can’t go past the Keurig B60, you should really look at this machine for your home, after all what would life be like without good coffee?

Life is too short to drink bad coffee. If you are wanting a good coffee machine then here at Keurig B60 Reviews we give you the honest and exclusive feedback on this coffee maker.


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