The Benefits of a Portable Steam Cleaner for Your Kitchen

by admin on August 19, 2010

Portable steam cleaners have a lot of benefits for your whole house, but for a more specific look at what these tools can do for you, consider the benefits for your kitchen.


Typically, with traditional cleaning methods, to really disinfect your kitchen you’d need to use a lot of chemicals on your counters and other areas where the food that you’ll be eating will be touching.


With a portable steam cleaner you pour some water into the machine, wait for it to heat up, and then start running the steam over your hard surfaces that you’d like clean, such as your counters, your coffee maker, etc. You then wipe the surfaces down with a clean cloth for a clean that really is clean. No chemicals, or other residue or debris, left behind. These tools are particularly great at getting at hard to clean surfaces, like cracks and lines between the stove and counter, back splash and counter, and so on.


It may seem like your counter tops are the only place this would come in handy but there are really a whole mess of surfaces in your kitchen. The front of your fridge, the front of your cabinets, your stove top, the back splash, the microwave, the coffee maker, bread maker, fruit dehydrator, and other kitchen appliances can all be cleaned using this machine, and are all surfaces that you would traditionally need to clean with chemicals. After spraying all those chemicals in these areas, the things you’ve sprayed will later come in touch with your food. It always feels a lot safer knowing that your food isn’t going to be touching some left over window cleaner that dripped on the counter top.


Steam cleaners come with a couple different nozzles to use while cleaning, such as squeegees and detail brushes, that make cleaning all these different areas a little bit easier, too.


For a clean that’s free of chemicals, which is what you’d ideally want in your kitchen, consider a portable steam cleaner.


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