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The Amazing Gaggia Platinum Vision Espresso Machine

by admin on August 23, 2010

If you want an authentic Italian espresso or cappuccino, then you must start with an authentic Italian espresso machine. Gaggia S.p.A. is the Italian manufacturer whose brand is associated with fabulous espresso machines. It began in 1948, when Achille Gaggia, the man that is credited with the world-wide appreciation of espresso coffee, filed patent number 365726, which in due course evolved into the modern day espresso machines that we know today. Gaggia’s earliest foray into producing espresso coffee machines for the home was a brewing system he called Baby Gaggia, which is even today widely used throughout Italy. All machines are to the present day manufactured in the Robecco sul Naviglio manufacturing facility (Milan), the place where tradition and care for details blend with state-of-the-art technologies.Great Espresso Every TimeIt’s never ever been easier to produce the perfect shot of espresso. The Gaggia Platinum Vision Espresso Machine is perfectly calibrated to deliver the perfect amount of power behind every shot of espresso. Though you almost certainly would not need it, the Gaggia system delivers up to 15 bars of pressure.An additional brilliant design element that you will appreciate is the rapid steam boiler system. This feature allows you to switch immediately between brewing and steaming without waiting for lengthy re-heating times. What this means is less waiting around, and a superior espresso, cappuccino, or latte, at the optimal temperature.Any time you brew, the Gaggia Platinum Vision grinds beans for just that shot, guaranteeing the very freshest taste. Brewing a fresh cup of coffee is as simple as pressing an icon on the machines touchscreen display. You may choose between three icons, appearing as cups, which when pressed will brew either a small espresso, a medium, or a large coffee. If you are brewing two cups then all you need to do is press the button two times and the machine will calculate and grind the precise amount of beans, and brew two perfect cups of your chosen coffee drink.Ground Beans Just the Way You Like ThemThe ceramic burr grinder quietly produces a consistent, no-static grind. And you may even adjust the grind setting between coarse, medium, and fine using the included grinder adjustment tool. The sealable bean hopper will allow for up to 8.8 oz. of your preferred roasted whole beans. Its easy to monitor the level of beans remaining because the bean hopper is clear, plus the machine will warn you using a “add coffee beans” message when the hopper runs low. It can’t get much easier!The Espresso Plus SystemDoes your significant other like their espresso a little bit stronger than you do? It’s no problem using the Platinum Vision Machine because all you need to do is turn a dial to adjust the intensity and body of each coffee drink. Leave the dial directed to the center for a ordinary strength drink, but turn it to the left to get a more mild brew or to the right to get a stronger one.Opti-Dose SystemAnother way to enjoy your coffee all the more is to tweak your brew. With the push of another button it is possible to choose the quantity of ground coffee used to brew your ideal cup. You can actually adjust the amount of espresso beans to be ground from 7.5 to 10 grams.You Can’t Not Have This– A Cup Lift!Your cups rest on a height-adjustable drip tray, that may be raised or lowered according to the size of your coffee cup. A push of a button will electronically adjust the height of the drip tray for you. Always empty and thoroughly clean the cup tray every day with warm water.You Need a Cup Warmer TooIf you want a great cup of coffee you must brew right into a warm cup. Why? Because brewing into a cold cup will quickly lower the temperature of your brew and you won’t get the optimal crema. Not good.The Frothing WandThe Gaggia Platinum Vision’s frothing wand swivels outwards, so you can froth milk like a pro. If you’re a novice espresso maker the Pannarello attachment makes frothing and steaming easy. To steam, press the steam icon on the touchscreen. This takes you to the steam/hot water sub-menu. Look for the word “steam” on the touch screen and press it, then turn the steam knob on the left side of the machine. Get Ready! Froth and steam away!The Gaggia Milk Island (Included if you Know Where to Buy this Machine)The Gaggia Milk Island was created to easily connect to the Gaggia Platinum Vision machine to make it a whole lot easier to froth and steam milk for a perfect latte or cappuccino. Turn the steam knob that you will find on the side of your machine to the “milk island” setting and the machine automatically foams and steams your milk.It’s Like Having Your Own Barista in Your KitchenIt would be great to just wake up, head into your kitchen, press a couple of buttons, and in mere minutes be taking pleasure in a fresh, steaming hot latte, that cost you mere pennies? Imagine, no pushing, shoving, and hanging around in line at your neighborhhood coffee shop. No more tips! Just a mug of coffee made just how you like it best. And if you actually think you’ll miss Starbucks you can use Starbucks coffee beans – I do.In my experience a good quality cup of coffee, regardless of how you take it, is best enjoyed while still wearing a bathrobe, instead of while traveling to work.

You may fall in love with the Gaggia Platinum Vision espresso machine. If you are a nut about a good quality cup of coffee then you deserve to splurge on yourself. A good espresso is one of life’s simple pleasures. I’ve shopped all over the net and the best selling price I have found on this excellent coffee machine is at


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