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by admin on August 1, 2010 specializes in helping you make coffee. We are the premier online outpost for buying coffeemakers, espresso machines, and countless coffee making accessories including coffee urns, grinders, replacement dispensers. We’re an independent online retailer and we serve customers across the U.S.Coffee brewed at home can taste cafĂ© fresh with the right equipment. Endless varieties of coffeemakers are available on the market. Drip coffeemakers provide a tried-and-true approach to efficiently making a pot of coffee. French press coffeemakers and vacuum coffeemakers are less mechanized methods to make bold, clean tasting cups. Pod coffeemakers provide an easy way to make pre-measured pods into an instantaneous stream of steaming java. Our goal is to provide the best customer service possible, which adds distinguished value and convenience. We understand that customers have choices; Coffee Home Direct provides benefits to ensure a positive shopping experience. At Coffee Home Direct we understand that online shopping is onlyas valuable as it is expedient. To uphold our standards of outstanding customer service, we have teamed up with FedEx to offer our customers quality shipping services at competitive rates. Most of our products are shipped directly from our warehouse, located in Southern California. Please make sure to provide the correct billing and shipping addresses when placing your order to prevent delays. There are some types of coffeemaker are: An automatic drip coffeemaker is the most popular piece of coffee making equipment throughout the world. Essentially, heated water is filtered through freshly ground coffee beans, extracting its flavor and delivering the satisfying liquid known as coffee.A French press is simply a narrow cylindrical container, usually glass or clear plastic, with a plunger, filter, lid, and handle. Hot water is poured into the beaker and brewed for several minutes. With the push of the plunger, the disc-shaped wire mesh filter pushes the grounds down to the bottom of the container. Pod coffeemakers are single serve brewers which use pre-packaged pods and heated water from a carafe. They make one cup of coffee at a time and are extremely simple to use. Coffeemakers that use pot technology bypass the need to purchase coffee beans, filters, and grinders. Vacuumed coffee is the rarest method of brewing coffee. Vacuum coffeemakers are also known as siphon coffeemakers or vacuum pots. The vacuum method requires two chambers connected by a narrow tube which has a filter in it. These two chambers use water vapor and vacuum to make coffee in a unique way.This method was popularly practiced in the 19th century, but lost popularity in the U.S. due to the advent of drip coffeemakers. This is seldom seen today, but in the 1990s renewed interest in vacuum pots has revitalized the technique. Our Shipping Policy: Items in stock ordered before 12:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time) will be shipped that business day. A tracking number for each order will be emailed, so you can check the status and approximate location of your package using FedEx’s website. For more information you can call us at 800-734-0405 or email us at

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