Review of the Keurig B60 Single Cup Coffee Brewing System

by admin on July 18, 2010

Based on over six hundred Amazon reviews, the Keurig B60 special edition gourmet single cup home brewing system is the most popular one cup coffee maker available on the market. Priced at under one hundred and fifty dollars, the Keurig B60 is a fifteen hundred watt system that can be used to make gourmet coffee, cocoa or tea. It has a forty eight ounce water reservoir and can brew at three different sizes. It has a programmable LCD display with an on and off timer, along with temperature control and a removable drip tray. It is compact, making it perfect for limited counter space.

You can either use their (patented) K-Cups, or you can purchase a filter which will allow you to use your own ground beans if you choose. The machine is very durable and has the best heating as well as pumping mechanisms. Because you most likely won’t use ground beans, opting for the K-cups instead, you’ll love the easy clean-up of the Keurig. Unlike other brands, Keurig’s system also comes with k-cups for tea! You can enjoy your single cup of decaf while your spouse enjoys their single cup of green tea, all from the same machine – ready in under one minute.

The cons associated with the Keurig B60 are not really “cons” in the true sense of the word. For starters, you can only use the Keurig brand k-cups, but that is to be expected. Many single cup brewing systems have this restriction. Fortunately Keurig makes up for this by having a huge selection of flavors. Finding the k-cups in retail stores can be a bit of a challenge, for example – Bed Bath and Beyond sells them, but you’ll only get a box of 18 for about ten dollars, on the other hand – you can purchase a box of fifty on Amazon for about nine bucks more. Another con would be the price. At an average cost of roughly $130.00, it may seem a bit steep for a coffee maker, but you have to think about this in the long term. If you are spending $3-5 several days per week at your local coffee house, this machine will more than pay for itself over the course of one year.

If you are tired of wasting money on standard eight to twelve cup coffee makers than a single cup system is for you. If you are looking for the best, most durable one cup system – them the Keurig B60 is the answer to your coffee making question!

With so many to choose from, how can you really know which will be the best suited for your skills and kitchen needs? Whether you’re giving as a gift or purchasing one for yourself – visit us today for more reviews on Keurig B60 Coffee Maker.

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