Oooh! Francis! The Francis Francis X1 Ground Coffee Machine For Making Good Coffee

by admin on July 31, 2010

There is nothing worse than a bad cup of coffee.Fortunately, if you purchase the francis francis x1 ground Coffee Machine you will never have to suffer another 1. This ground coffee maker is in its third generation, and combines stunning retro design with perfect control over the making of that perfect cup of java.The X1 model is made for use with ground coffee, and helps you serve the perfect espresso or cappuccino.The advantages of utilizing the FrancisFrancis X1 GroundThe advantages of this lovely machine are numerous, ranging from the ease with which it is maintained, to its attractively designed exterior to the ease of using it.It is not only functional, though a beautiful addition to any kitchen.Your control over all the variables that make that perfect cup of coffee is complete.Not only do you have control over the amount of coffee and the pressure exerted on the ground coffee, but turn the brewing handle and choose between a ristretto (brief), espresso and espresso lungo.All the controls and indicator lights required for the X1s operation are easily accessible right on the front of the coffee maker. Lights and acoustic signals tell you about each aspect of the process, from the timing for milk frothing to the correct boiling temperature for your espresso.A pump with automatic refill system guarantee that the water is heated in a separate tank to its optimum temperature before being sent through the coffee holder.The X1 may not run dry, damaging the machine, as long a there is water in the reservoir, which can hold enough water for 22 single shots of espresso.Fresh, tasty water is essential for even more delicious coffee!One of those tiny nice-to-haves that make a difference between living and existing is not having to drink espresso or cappuccino from a cold cup. The X1 is fitted with a cup warmer to ensure that this is never necessary in your life, There is space for 6 espresso cups on top of the machine to ensure that your coffee is perfect when you serve it to your guests or for yourself.Let us face it; life is too short for bad coffee in cold cups!To complete the photo, the X1 also helps you make the frothiest cappuccino in only minutes with a steam wand that froths milk perfectly as a result of its unique design. Boiling water is available on tap, as the steam wand ‘ll also dispense hot water as needed.Maintenance and cleaning is made straightforward with its stainless steel construction, drip gate and tray. No longer spills, and a quick wipe down with a damp cloth to restore the coffee maker to pristine condition.The FrancisFrancisX1 Ground Coffee Machine is beautifully crafted, and is a gorgeous focal point in your kitchen, in addition to ensuring that you can always offer a delicious espresso, cappuccino or specialty coffee of your choice to your guests.

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