Michael Graves Design Automatic Drip Coffeemaker Black 40304

by admin on July 30, 2010


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When we broke the carafe of our old Braun coffee maker, we looked up all reviews, including Consumer Reports to find a new one. What we never liked about the Braun was the way it dripped when we poured. We love our decaf in the morning. We bought the Michael Graves and found it made DELICIOUS coffee and poured perfectly, but then we agreed that it was extremely slow. So we returned it. We then tried two others that got great reviews: the Mr. Coffee Programmable with Thermal Carafe and the Cuisinart Brew Central. Both made coffee hot and fast–but VERY WEAK, no matter how much coffee we added. Mr. Coffee’s thermal decanter was darn heavy to lift when full. Cuisinart was the highest rated in Consumer Reports and was the last we tried. Okay, my husband liked that it “dinged” when the coffee was ready, but it was still WEAK. We went back to Michael Graves and LOVE it. Now it seems to make perfect sense: if it drips SLOWLY, it gives the water a chance to soak up the flavor of the grinds. As far as the other drawback: not being able to put the carafe in the dishwasher…it’s true, but it’s a small price to pay for a GREAT cup of coffee. I say five stars for this, and I hope it holds up. After our own “brew and taste” tests, slow but steady wins the race for a GREAT cup of coffee. Have a little patience. Good things come to those who wait…and you can pre-program it if you get up that early!


Great CoffeeThe Michael Graves Automatic Drip Coffeemaker was as expected, excellent. The not only looks good but makes great coffee. The strength feature was one reason we purchased it and it works well.TerrificGreat coffee maker. Glad to see someone finally designed a carafe that doesn’t make a mess when pouring. In addition, coffee can be made strong without getting grounds spilling over into the pot. Simple to operate. Best coffee maker I’ve owned in many years.Works great for me!I read a lot of reviews of this coffee maker, and finally decided to trust Consumer’s Report. I’m glad I did. We’ve been using ours daily for two weeks and are very pleased with it. It doesn’t leak at all. The blue glow doesn’t “light up the whole kitchen.” The numbers are not “distorted.” I’m not saying those people who left one-star reviews are wrong, just that either they got a defective item or their perception is different than mine. As for having to program it every day, that’s not really true. Set it once, then when you hold the program button the next time, it automatically goes to the last time you programmed it for. All you have to do is release the button and you’re all set. Just push the button again to make it light up and you’re good to go! If you brew the same time every day, then it’s taken care of. If not, you’d have to have reset it anyway. Flavor: We’re very happy with that, too. We use freshly ground Starbucks, Green Mountain, Pete’s and the like, 1 tablespoon/cup, which comes to 3/4 C. per 12 C. pot. We’ve used that measure for several different 12 C. coffee makers, most recently a Mr. Coffee, and it makes a fine pot of coffee. If you start with stale, poor quality ground coffee, you’re going to end up with bad tasting brewed coffee. We’ve found that we have to use almost twice as much grocery store-type coffee to get a halfway decent flavor, which ends up being as or more expensive that just starting with decent coffee in the first place. You get what you pay for. Tip: to get rid of that “new machine plastic flavor,” run the coffee maker twice with a full load of water, but no coffee, then make a pot or two of cheap coffee and discard. Your coffee maker is now “seasoned” and the new machine flavor is gone.CofeemakerThis is an excellent coffeemaker. Easy to use and clean. The coffee has great flavor.

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