Learn How To Make Espresso At Home

by admin on August 24, 2010

Maybe you take espresso for granted as a modern pleasure, but this drink has been around for a long time. The biggest difference is how easy it is to make today. You can still use the old-fashioned methods, but when choosing how to make espresso, you have lots of choice.Social Drink:When deciding how to make espresso, consider the social nature of this drink. Before technology made the steaming and frothing processes so quick and easy to use at home, making this elegant drink took time, sometimes more than it was worth. Creating an espresso had to be special. Now, coffee houses enjoy the profits of its popularity and versatility. Still, anyone can make espresso at home without the expertise of a coffee house server.Old-fashioned:If you can find a hot plate, your stove-top espresso maker can go with you even on a camping trip. Go for all steel, aluminium or even a glass-topped model. Some models even let you make frothed milk. Styles vary from streamlined to more of a kettle shape.Domestic Appliance:An electric model may have a cord, but the result is faster and requires less attention and if you are learning how to make espresso, this is probably your best choice. Consider models which suit your decor and space allowance as well as lifespan. Spending a bit more will get you a better machine. Electric models often feature such things as a warming plate and the option to make other kinds of drinks with your machine such as specialty teas.Coffee Shop:A busy coffee house still wants an efficient, tidy machine built to fit in the available space. Some commercial machines come in a wide format, others are tall and narrow. Tank capacity varies too. Rank the popularity of espresso in your establishment to assess what you need.Glass Press:No steam, buttons or electronics will contribute to the making of espresso in a French Press. You will, however, enjoy the benefit of a small appliance useful for making regular coffee too. A press is easy to clean and put away when you are done. Just use the press as you normally would changing only the product you put in it.Additional Pieces:To help you choose which espresso maker to buy, consider the extras you want from your machine, if any. A lift tray makes cleaning the drips easier. Barista tools might include instructions and materials for making designs on your froth. Considering the strength of espresso, you may want to find some small cups which stop you from drinking as much espresso as you would normal coffee.Recipes:Change the style of your coffee by adding a few ingredients. Mocha provides just one variety. Others include after-dinner coffees with liqueurs. Enjoy espresso beans covered in chocolate, or make ice cream with the rich flavor of this special coffee.

Once you learn how to make espresso properly and master the nuances, you’ll be able to enjoy that coffee shop taste right in your own home!

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