Keurig B70 Platinum Single-Cup Home Brewing System

by admin on June 14, 2010

  • Single-cup home brewing system for use with patented K-Cups
  • One-touch control panel; blue backlit LCD display; digital clock; programmable on/off
  • 5 brew-size options; adjustable brew temperature; removable drip tray
  • Blue-lit removable 60-ounce water reservoir; descale indicator; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Measures 13-4/5 by 10-2/7 by 13 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Product Description
The Platinum Brewing System is Keurig’s best single-cup brewing system for your home. This premium model offers discerning coffee drinkers the widest range of five cup size options for brewing. The Platinum offers the full spectrum of features including Auto On/Off, Digital Clock, Adjustable Temperature Control and the “Set Your Favorite Cup Size” option. The largest available 60 oz. removable water reservoir holds up to ten cups before refilling and the removable drip tray allows for easy cleaning and the use of travel mugs. The sleek, award-winning design is a unique footprint among Keurig’s line of home brewing systems and includes both a blue lit water reservoir and blue lit LCD display. At initial set up, once the machine is filled with water, it will take approximately 4-minutes for the water will be heated. During the heating period the red light next to ‘HEATING’ on the LED Control Center will become illuminated. Once the water is heated, the red light will turn off and the Small Mug Button will flash. Press the Small Mug Button to start a cleansing brew. Pour the hot water into the sink. The Brewer may take 15 seconds to reheat water between brews during which time the red light next to ‘HEATING’ on the LED Control Center may be illuminated. When the water has heated, the red light will turn off. The one-time set-up process is now complete and you are ready to brew!

Keurig B70 Platinum Single-Cup Home Brewing System


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Javaku June 14, 2010 at 3:23 pm

It is instant coffee. The same kind that you put in a cup full of hot water and stir. Buy a HB brewstation and a burr grinder and use filtered water if you want a good cup of java.
Rating: 1 / 5

Charlie Brown June 14, 2010 at 6:08 pm

When I bought this, I did not have much thought about this machine except just coffee itself. Now, having used this machine for 6 months, I found that I am throwing out so many plastic packages. So, I bought re-usable coffee filter, but it was just messy and the coffee was not that great. And all the convenience is gone. You might better use the normal brew coffee machine that use a single sheet filter.

There is an another option of using K-cup pod maker, which I haven’t tried. But then again, you have to go through making pods by yourself, which may not be an option for the poeple who just want convenience.

Unless each k-cup is being made recyclable, wasting plastics for each cup of coffee is a wrong thing to do, especially when we have many ways of coffee making without hampering our environment. Besides, it doesn’t make that great coffee, enough to justify damaging the environment.
Rating: 1 / 5

K. Lechliter June 14, 2010 at 8:19 pm

I hope Kurt Russel doesn’t sue me for that title.

I decided to take the leap into pod brewing systems with this as I received a gift certificate to help with this purchase along with several other discounts. I think I went out of pocket $90 and I still feel cheated.

The basic problem is that there are not enough grounds in the pods- even the pod that allows you to add your own grounds. Instead of K-Cups they should have said K-Scoops as the amount of coffee in the pods is FAR too miniscule to have much flavor impact on the water. I ran with the recommended Dark Magic and Sumatra “Extra Bold” blends, but even they fell way short. I tried to make this work for about a month and then gave up on it.

If you’re looking for a cool blue night light that makes instant hot water from a pressurized resevoir (PV=nRT) then this might be for you. If you’re looking for strong coffee look elsewhere. If you like coffee-flavored water then this is probably for you.

I’m actually brewing manually with a funnel (my organic chemistry Bodum glass vessel broke- I think I’ve broken EVERY piece of Bodum glass I’ve ever owned), a gold cone filter (left over from the $50 Bodum MDC- Manual Drip Coffee-maker), and a Thermos 12 oz stainless steel cup (The Holy Grail of coffee cups, which reminds me…I need to buy another pair of these gems).

This all started with my “voluntary” recall of the 8 cup Starbucks Barista brewer. If I had it to do over again I would NEVER have turned in the Barista. It made great coffee ALL the time and I could overbrew if I wanted to and have coffee soup. Stupid is as stupid does. I think I’m going to buy a Black and Decker Smart Brew and just make 1 cup at a time (like I do now) so I don’t have to try and find another thermal maker as I haven’t found one yet that hasn’t been panned in the reviews.

Rating: 2 / 5

Bret Daline June 14, 2010 at 11:09 pm

I got the Keurig B70 Gourmet Single Cup Home Brewing System for my birthday. For $159 the B70 really does not do much.

The B70 has a nice blue LCD that displays some silly and un-needed information like announcing that water is needed or the water is hot, or the water is cold. The B70 has a transparent water tank that is lit up with a blue LED. The machine looks cool on your counter when the kitchen lights are out. That is the best thing about the B70.

In addition to looking cool, the B70 will squirt preheated water through a capsule that costs several times as much as the coffee inside ought to cost.

Yes, it is said to be ‘gourmet’ coffee that you end up with, but tell me what is ‘gourmet’ about shooting water that has been keep hot for several days or hours though a plastic capsule full of coffee that was ground who knows how long ago has been sitting encapsulated for who knows how long?

A ‘Green’ machine it is not. The water is kept hot all of the time, so the heater is kicking on and off, and the pretty blue lights are going all the time, so it enlarges your carbon footprint. The plastic capsules, one for every cup, end up in the landfill. Those capsules will probably last a couple of centuries. You could turn the machine off to save energy, bu then you would just have to wait to heat the water when you want a cup, and that waiting defeats the whole purpose of the machine.

Using the reusable capsule with your own coffee is a pain because first you have to find it, unscrew the top and clean out the grounds from last time. Between washing the grounds out and filling it up, of course coffee grounds spread everywhere. Again, that defeats the whole premise of the machine.

Get a teapot, some #1 or #2 Melitta filters, a holder, and some Starbucks ground coffee. Doing a cup or two at a time with this setup will be almost as fast, cost less, reduce your footprint, the coffee will be better and you can buy an entire collection of gourmet coffee with the hundred bucks you save. Also, the teapot can be put in your cupboard when you are done, unlike the B70, which is rather large and probably won’t fit anywhere except on your counter.

Rating: 1 / 5

Susan Edwads June 14, 2010 at 11:52 pm

I returned it. It was broken when I received it. I was very unhappy with the return process trying to get a return # was very difficult and felt like I was imposing on the staff. I have bought many things on the site and have never had to return anything. I ended up getting one from the Keurig web site (of couse it cost a little bit more). Your welcome to call me on my cell @ 520-820-2790.
Rating: 1 / 5

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