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Customer Review:

It ‘was a gift from my mother-in-law. We are happy to replace the coffee, but thought we could try. Regular and flavored coffee K-cup is rather weak. Bold, courageous and extra cups are excellent. I bought two “My K-cups” a second time two additional filters and filter baskets. I buy coffee (ground), and fill all four baskets (when my husband is home). Then it’s as simple as exchanging a basket filter holder, the only thing to throw away or compost and coffee. My husband and I regularly buy disposable K-cups at Costco (80 cups for $ 33) will be available for emergencies and the public. Sometimes you try new flavors from Bed Bath and Beyond (selection of the best retail in our area). Comparing the cost is approx. 40-50 cents if you have one K-cups, and about 20 cents when you buy a cup of coffee to high-class grocery store. I do not run next to your taste, than correcting Caprese and beer, but maybe I will, my next party. Bottom line, it is easy to use, good coffee. pre-packaged coffee is very expensive, but reusable filter makes the cost comparable to other machines. With another – a pond could be a bit ‘bigger and easier to manage. If I had arthritis I could not fill and replace. In general, I like coffee. It ‘just had some research to make it profitable.


BuyingKeurig B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing SystemLove it, but can not afford pre packaged K-cupsThis was a gift from my mother-in-law. We really love the coffee maker it replaced, but thought we would give it a try. The regular and flavored K-cups make a fairly weak cup of coffee. The bold, and extra bold cups are excellent. I purchased 2 “My K-cups” re-usable filters and 2 extra filter baskets. I purchase my own coffee (ground) and fill all 4 baskets at a time (when my husband is home). Then it is as easy as exchanging the filter basket in the holder, the only thing to throw away or compost is the coffee grounds. My husband and I regularly purchase the single use K-cups at Costco (80 cups for $33) to have on hand for emergency and company. Sometimes we try new flavors from Bed Bath and Beyond (best retail selection in our area). The cost comparison is approx. 40-50 cents per cup if you use the single K-cups and about 20 cents per cup if you purchase high end ground coffee at the grocery store. I have not run a side by side taste comparison with my Capresso grind and brew, but maybe I will do that at my next party. Bottom line, It is an easy to use, good coffee maker. Pre-packaged coffee is pricey, but re-usable filters make it more cost comparable to other coffee makers. Another con – the water reservoir could be a little larger and easier to handle. If I had arthritis I would not be able to fill and replace it. Overall, I love the coffee maker. It just took some research to make it cost effective.A first-hand comparison of the Keurig B40 and B60 as well as the Bosch Tassimo 1 cupI was able to compare all aspects of the following coffee makers: The Keurig B40 Elite Gourmet (my parents own it) The Keurig B70 Platinum Single Cup (we owned it and loved it until it recently died) The Bosch Tassimo Titanium (we have been using it for the last month, ordered on Amazon) So, because I always value lots of research myself prior to any major purchase, I thought I’d share my own personal observations and results should anyone else be comparing the two brands. Although I prefer my current Tassimo, there are aspects of the other coffee makers I also really like and that you might personally prefer over the one I chose so I thought, rather than simply saying which one I like best, I will pass along a first-hand comparison that my be helpful to other shoppers so they could decide what they like most…as a big shopper myself on Amazon, I thought my own comparison may save others time. Size: KB40: (Keurig B40) 10×13 1/2×13 KB70: (Keurig B70) 10 3/4×14x13 TT (Bosch Tassimo Titanium) 8×11x13 Speed: This was one of my most important features but it may not be yours. The Bosch Tassimo was the only one that has a “stand by” system so the machine goes into stand-by after use, using less electricity but ready to use instantly without heat-up (By instantly I mean 4 seconds.) The Keurig does not have stand-by so you will need a 4 minute heat-up time but after that it’s the same amount of time. KB40: 4 min heat up time for first cup KB70 4 min heat up time for first cup (but see notes, below, about the programmable “on” button if you wake up at the same time each day) TT: due to a “stand-by” system you do not have to turn the coffee pot on and heat up water ever because this has a flow-through water heater for faster brewing, rather than heating the whole tank resulting in 4 second brewing for first cup. However, if you choose to turn off your coffee pot or never use the stand-by system for some reason the heat up time is about a minute. Water tank size: KB40: 48 oz KB70: 60 oz TT: 67 oz Warranty: All one year Water Measurement: On the Keurig you are going to get the same amount of water for every drink, depending upon the setting you have to manually input. On the Tassimo, there is a barcode on all the T discs that the coffee maker reads and automatically adjusts the water and temperature needed for that beverage. For example, a smaller T disc would automatically adust your water so the beverage is not diluted. However, should you prefer a weaker cup, you can hold down the button to add more during every brew. Which brings me to taste… I always found my Keurig to be on the weak side unless I was brewing a 5.25 oz up. I don’t find this to be true for my T-discs, even in very large cups of coffee. Incidentally, the Starbucks brand makes a large cup and very full-bodied if that’s desired. Types of drinks: All offer cocoas, coffees, teas, lattes, cappuccinos, espressos I think Keurig actually has more choices at this time than the Tossimo. Sound: KB40 VERY loud and vibrating KB70 less loud, still vibrates TT: very quiet, no vibration Other notes: The KB70 allows you to change the temperature of your coffee and, although it doesn’t have a stand-by mode to brew instantly, it does have a programmable on/off so that you can have it turn on at a certain time each day which is almost as good. This didn’t work for me because I might want a coffee at 6am but if I want a tea at 4pm I would have to wait 4 minutes for heat up with the Keurig, but have it instantly on the Bosch since it can stay on standby at all times, powered down but not off and ready to brew instantly. The KB70 has a digital clock on it and the Tassimo does not. The Tassimo shows less coffee drips at the base than the Keurig if anyone does grab their cup too soon in a rush. The Tassimo comes with 2 Mavea Water Filters. Although they are optional, filtered water does take your coffee taste up a notch…even the Starbucks company insists on their machines (even in corporate offices) having the filter due to the taste change. So we use it…it just plugs into the water tank so it’s easy to use or not. The Tassimo has a cup stand light that switches off when not in use for 5 minutes. The cappuccinos and lattes are better waaaay better on the Tassimo because they have real milk that really froths rather than dehydrated like the Keurig, but regular coffee is really good on both…I like a bold cup though so I prefer the Tassimo not using more water in relation to coffee…doesn’t taste as watered down even on the really light blends, the flavor comes through in my opinion. Also note: The T-discs take up less room. If you keep a dispenser on your counter you can have lots of t-discs in them without refilling the dispenser frequently because they are flatter and more round rather than tall. Conclusion: I like my parent’s Keurig B40 which made me buy my Keurig B70 which I liked a lot until we used it to death and I decide to try out the Tassimo Titanium. Although each has aspects that are great, I love my Tassimo far more…HOWEVER, if some of the things that were important for me aren’t as important to you, I think anyone would be happy with the Keurigs too over a regular brewer. Here are some comparisons to a regular coffeemaker rather than a one cup: The flavor of coffee is broken down by three things: light, heat, and air. Every time you open a bag of coffee to measure out and fill a regular coffee maker, you break down the taste because of this. Also, a regular brewer is cheaper but there is more waste. We always dumped out leftover coffee. Now we only brew what we drink. Also, as your pot sits, it is also exposed to the aforementioned elements making it stale. With either the Keurig or the Bosch Tassimo, you always get a fresh cup. If you have guests, it’s excellent because you can have various types of coffees and teas and each person can push one button and brew their own. You don’t have to stop your entertaining at a dinner party to keep refilling coffee or asking if anyone needs any refills, or stop to brew a few pots during dessert…I have this at the end of the counter and there is no wait time…anyone can easily serve themselves with no instructions and there is no mess, no coffee measuring spoons, no coffee canister on the counter, no coffee beans in the trash or disposal, or spilling on the floor. Just take out the t-disk and throw it in the recycling bin. At least I can do that in Austin…it may be in the trash in other areas which would be a negative for the extra waste from the discs or keurig cups. Read More About Keurig B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System

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