Great Coffee in Seconds

by admin on July 23, 2010

Nothing is better than sitting down with a perfectly made cup of your favourite coffee. These days you can make that cup of joe in many different ways. The key is to know how to brew that perfect cup.Brewing (drip machines)A drip machine is the most common coffee maker out there, it is quick and easy to use. In order to get that perfect cup of java here are few tips.1. Buy the right filters. There are many types of filters and often it will say right in the owner’s manual of your coffee maker which filter and the corresponding number to purchase. You can get away with other filters but the quality of the coffee will not be as good as it could be with the right filter.2. Coffee to Water Ratio: This depends a great deal on how strong you enjoy your coffee. For light coffee drinkers keeping the water to coffee ratio even is best. For those that like their coffee on the stronger side adding an extra spoon or two of coffee is the solution.3.The right spoon: Most coffees (Folgers is a good one) comes with a scooping spoon. You can also buy these for very cheap at most retail stores. They will help with measuring the correct amount of coffee. Most drip makers are marked on the carafe with how many cups you can make. One spoon to one cup is average, six cups then six spoonfuls. If you do not have the fancy coffee spoon then the average one leveled tablespoon per cup is best.4. Flavoured Coffees: If you are looking for that Irish Cream or vanilla flavoured coffee stop the hunt now. Flavoured coffees you find in the grocery stores are usually the below average coffee over flavoured to hide the chemical fumes that have seeped in during transport. Since the coffee used in the flavoured coffees are not a high grade they are transported poorly. If you really want a good flavoured cup of coffee you can buy flavour oils and flavour your own individual cup after the coffee is poured.-another alternative to flavouring coffee is spice it up! Use a combo of a pinch of cinnamon, pinch of nutmeg, and a pinch of all spice throw that right into the coffee grinds before you place it in the filter. Then let the coffee brew with all those spices and you will be delighted at the taste. Also just cinnamon is nice too.5. Instant: When making instant remember one teaspoon of coffee per cup of water.6. Sugar and cream please: sugar and cream are what adds the calories in a cup of coffee for alternatives consider honey and skim milk.Extra Tip: When brewing coffee add a pinch of salt to the coffee and mix before adding the grinds to the filter this will greatly decrease the bitter taste of the coffee.Coffee can be a soothing an exhilarating addition to life but only when made correctly, everyone knows the horrible taste of a bitter badly made cup of coffee is not the best way to start the day. These tips will serve you well on your next coffee making endeavour.

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