Gaggia Titanium SS Espresso Machine

by admin on August 13, 2010

Having a Starbucks in the kitchen might sound a bit extreme however that is just what owning a Gaggia Titanium SS Espresso Machine will seem like. No more treks to the corner coffee shop for that morning wake up java. The SS model of Titanium line raises the bar higher than before. This stainless steel version is a countertop work of art. Of course it features all the Gaggia Titanium Espresso Machine delights.

Style and Function

For a little extra money, the Titanium SS Espresso Machine arrives as a fully stainless steel unit, not just the front section. The packaging is as secure and sturdy as the other models with the basic footprint being the same. It won’t take up any more room than the other models. This one weighs a little more due to the stainless steel construction but not so much that it can’t be picked up.

Included in the box are a manual for using the machine, a coffee scoop for using the by-pass doser, a frothing wand a an automatic frothing attachment, a cleaning brush and a wrench for removing the front cover to access the brewing unit and also a hard water testing strip.

Additionally, the SS model can be found with added bonuses such as coffee beans and flavored syrups, not a standard accessory, but a bonus through some retailers.

The SS model didn’t leave out functionality.  Starting with the 7 easy to use push button controls that make brewing a snap all the way to the easiest clean up a coffee maker could have, the SS model proves that beauty and brains. Functions include:

* Adjustable temperature, coffee strength, and water volume per cup

* 3 programmable buttons for personalization

* Coffee bean hopper which holds 8.5 oz. coffee beans with by-pass doser for using different coffees

* Cobalt Blue LCD display for alerts and programming information

* Automatic milk frother and steamer for easier frothing and steaming to make great cappuccinos

* Dredge drawer with alert for emptying and drip pan with alert for emptying

* Easy to remove and clean brew unit

These features and the wonderfully thick crema on espresso and piping hot cappuccinos with perfectly frothed milk make owning a Gaggia Titanium Espresso Machine worth every cent it costs. Users have stated that the costs can be recouped through not spending money at coffee shops on a daily basis.


Sharon V Chapman writes on the joys of coffee and provides consumer information on the Gaggia Titanium SS Espresso Machine for Gaggia Titanium Espresso Machines –


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