Gaggia Titanium Espresso Machines

by admin on August 15, 2010

Tired of making daily treks to the coffee shop and spending more money than necessary? Then the Gaggia Titanium Espresso Machine is the answer. This is not a typical discount store espresso machine made of cheap plastic that produces inferior espressos with limp froth. This goes beyond the expectations and wows even the most hard core cynic.


The Gaggia Titanium Espresso Machine is an all-in-one espresso, cappuccino, and coffee maker. Using push button technology and a brilliant LCD display for alerts and programming tips the Gaggia is the simplest espresso machine available.

Other machines have a fairly significant waiting time between espresso making and frothing to allow the water to heat and steam to accumulate, not so with the Gaggia. Using Rapid Steam®Technology and two separate boilers, the Gaggia is ready to steam and froth milk while the espresso is brewing, not after. Wait time between espressos is barely noticeable.

Gaggia reviewers rate the simplicity of ease and minimal cleanup as key considerations when purchasing the Gaggia. Making a beverage is a one or two step process.

For coffees and espressos simply choose the appropriate push button: there one is for espresso, one for regular coffee, and one for large coffee, there is also one for hot water in case hot tea or cocoa is being made. Make adjustments if desired, such as strength of coffee, volume of water dispensed and temperature of the beverage, the Gaggia can remember the personalization for next brew. 

If a cappuccino or latte is desired, froth the milk with the frothing wand or the automatic frother. The automatic frother takes all the guess work out of making the perfect steamed milk and froth. Simply insert cold milk into the frothing area and remove the thick foamed milk when it’s finished.

No Hassel Clean Up

Reviews of the Gaggia consistently brag about the no hassle clean up.  The dreg drawer stores the used coffee pucks and alerts users when it is full. To empty, simply pull out the drawer and rinse out. The drip pan has a floatation device that rises as it fills up, when full, empty and rinse.

The brew unit needs a good weekly cleaning for heavy use or every other week for less heavy use and Gaggia made sure this would be easy to. Using the enclosed wrench, the plates on the front are removed to allow the brew unit to come out. The cleaning brush for the brew unit is part of the accessory package and makes clean up a snap.

Nothing Beats a Gaggia

Add together all the features of the Gaggia with the savings accumulated from not going to the coffee shop on a daily basis and it is easy to see that the Gaggia will pay for itself over time. This is one case where the cost of purchasing is justified by the savings incurred elsewhere.

Sharon V Chapman writes on the joys of coffee and provides consumer information on the Gaggia Titanium Espresso Machines and Gaggia Baby Espresso Machines.


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