Gaggia Platinum Swing Up Automatic Espresso Machine Review

by admin on August 13, 2010

The new stainless steel Gaggia Platinum Swing Automatic espresso machine is among the top-of-the-line home espresso makers. Gaggia has long been a well known label within the coffee machine marketplace and you can always be assured that their machines are state of the art.The Gaggia Platinum Swing Auto offers a broad variety of features within its sleek and appealing design. The appliance is managed by way of a digital LCD display which gives information about the present configurations and contains menus for feature settings. Additionally, it comes with a clock and timer function as well.Gaggia has become acknowledged for its rapid steam boilers that are among the fastest in the marketplace. This should guarantee a fast cup of cappuccino or espresso when you need that first shot of caffeine on waking. Moreover the waiting period in between extracting coffee and frothing milk can be dramatically decreased to just a few seconds with the rapid steam boiler.Among the new features included on the Gaggia Platinum Swing Up Auto espresso machine is the electronic drip tray. This drip tray easily adjusts to accommodate any size cup and is removable for effortless cleaning. The drip tray also features a cup warmer which can be activated and deactivated from the LCD panel. The Gaggia Platinum Swing Auto also includes a variable coffee strength dial right on the front panel. This will make it super easy to regulate the strength of your coffee whenever they want. It’s also possible to adjust the fineness of the ceramic grinder to get the perfect cup of espresso.Espresso Coffee With One Press Of A ButtonThe Gaggia Platinum Swing Auto delivers the latest in integrated bean-to-brew electronics. It means that you merely fill the hopper with your favorite coffee beans; the beans are ground and the coffee is then extracted auto-magically in to the cup. The used coffee grounds are automatically removed from the brewing head and stored inside the machine within a container that simply needs to be emptied out at the end of the day or when it gets full.This retains the freshness of your beans as the appliance only grinds the amount you need for each cup. If you’d like to work with pre-ground coffee that’s always a choice also. This model of Gaggia holds 8.8 oz of beans in the hopper.This model also contains the Aqua Prima water filter. This filter will ensure that every cup of coffee offers the best taste no matter how hard the water is that you use in it. There is also a menu alternative for adjusting the filtration for extremely hard water. The stainless steel water reservoir holds 57oz of water at any given time. A couple of adjustable spouts permit you to brew two cups of espresso simultaneously.If you’d rather not froth the milk yourself then the Milk Island automatic frother may be added to froth the milk for a cappuccino or latte in no time. This additional piece of equipment is a milk container which is added to the side of the machine. It has it’s own holder and milk frothing/steaming choices may be managed through the LCD display panel.The Gaggia Platinum Swing Auto will make an awesome addition for your kitchen or office. It has many of the top end features associated with some of the most expensive Gaggia machines while nevertheless remaining affordable. This particular espresso coffee maker can also save you a lot of money on buying coffee shop espresso as well as being a lot more convenient!

The Gaggia Platinum Swing Super Auto espresso machine belongs to the automatic bean-to-brew Gaggia lineup. It is designed to produce a great cup of coffee every time at the touch of a button. It is very easy to clean and maintain and Gaggia is renowned for their top-of-the-line espresso machines. You’ll find more information on Gaggia Platinum Swing Up espresso machine at our Espresso Coffee Time website.


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