Five Tips On Making A Perfect Cup Of Coffee Every Time

by admin on July 25, 2010

Coffee lovers are constantly searching for the perfect cup of coffee. It’s not as hard as some believe to make perfect coffee but there are some simple steps to follow that will ensure your coffee will be as close to perfect as possible every time.

Clean Coffee MakerThis should go without saying, but a clean coffee pot is the first step to follow and can make a huge difference in the taste and quality of your coffee. Without proper cleaning coffee sediments and oils will build up in your pot and over time will leave your coffee with an unpleasant bitter taste. Of course some would argue about what type of coffee maker to use, but that’s a matter of personal preference. I am partial to a single serving coffee maker, but that’s just my opinion.  No matter which coffee maker you prefer, cleanliness is one of the important ingredients.

WaterSince brewed coffee is almost 99% water it becomes the most important factor in making that perfect cup of coffee. Use only cold filtered water when making your coffee. If you are not using a water filtration system let tap water run for a few seconds in order for it to aerate. Bottled water is a good choice, but never use distilled water to make coffee.

Always Use The Proper Amount Of CoffeeA six ounce cup of coffee should contain 2 tablespoons of coffee beans in order for it to be full strength. If your coffee maker uses a filter make sure to spread the grounds evenly in the filter to ensure full brewing.

Coffee BeansIf you’re grinding your own coffee beans select the correct grind for your brewing method. If you use a percolator or cold brewing method, beans should be ground for 5-10 seconds.

For electric and manual drip machines as well as French press machines the proper grind time is 10 seconds.

For espresso machines beans should be ground for 25-30 seconds for an extra fine grind.

Always Use The Freshest Beans AvailableCoffee beans from grocery stores are not a good choice for brewing that perfect cup of coffee. Beans are a perishable item and go stale rather quickly if not used as soon as possible after roasting. Never purchase a larger quantity than needed. If possible it is highly recommended to buy coffee beans from specialty stores rather than supermarkets. These businesses cater to specialty markets and your chances of getting beans about to go stale are minimal.

Following these simple steps will have you making perfect coffee every time. Making great coffee is not time consuming or expensive, but these simple steps will make your coffee drinking much more enjoyable.

In the market for a new coffee maker? Have you considered a single serving coffee maker? These wonderful machines may just change the way you think about making coffee.




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