Espresso Coffee Makers to Use at Home

by admin on June 17, 2010

I enjoy coffee brews as much as the next person, and this inspired me to have a look at the selection of espresso makers available at my local superstore. I was fully expecting to see prices in the several hundred dollars range and quite out of my price range, but was really pleasantly surprised to see that my price expectation was quite inflated. Home espresso coffee maker prices have gone down substantially in recent years, even as low as $60 for a model for the budget-minded. That is within most people\’s reach.

I perused some of the online espresso machine reviews, and learned that even the basic models have all the features I would need for my purposes at home. For example, many of them is able to make a variety of coffee drinks, including espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. In addition to that, some cheap espresso coffee machines are diswasher safe, have coffee frothers and steamers, variable steam control, removable drip trays and even timers. I can\’t think of anything else I would need in a home environment.

Some of the reviews I read stated that some of the budget espresso makers might have an issue with durability. Some reviewers have mentioned that sometimes parts would suddenly come off or the coffee machines would stop working for no obvious reason. Obviously that is not a problem if the machine is still under warranty, but the thought of paying more for repairs than the original cost is something I can\’t deal with. This would appear to be one of those cases where spending a little more upfront, to make sure you get a high quality espresso coffee machine, would be a wise investment. And you can count on your new machine to work without hassles for years to come.

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