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This is an excellent coffee maker. I find it hard to believe that the other reviewers are reviewing the same product. We have had this coffee maker for over 1 year now and never had a problem with it. Here’s the lowdown of the features: 1. Despite what the other reviewers said, this coffee comes out scalding hot! I have a much higher tolerance for hot food/drink (temperature-wise) than my girlfriend. When I pour a cup, I can’t take a sip for a full minute. It takes about 5 minutes before my girlfriend can take a sip. Perhaps it’s because we use nonfat powdered milk in our coffee (instead of cold milk) since there’s no liquid to dilute the coffee, it comes out creamier, and it’s healthier. My guess would be the other reviewers add a lot of cold milk/cream to their coffee. 2. The coffee pot heater tray stays on for 2 hours after the coffee is made which is long enough to enjoy a few cups and put the rest in the fridge for later. 3. The reusable gold filter is great, no need to buy/waste those paper ones. Just dump the grinds, rinse/wash and reuse. 4. The coffee maker is relatively fast. I’ve never really timed it, but I just made 10 cups of coffee and it took 5 minutes or less. For some reason 12 cups seems to take quite a bit longer, maybe 10 minutes, but just make sure if you use the timer option, you set it for 10 minutes before you wake up. 5. No odor and no leaking with ours. 6. The timer option is great but there are 3 small problems with it. First, it takes forever to set the clock – if it’s 10:00 at night, you’ll have to hold it down for a LONG time. My suggestion is to stay up until midnight and unplug the machine, then plug it in and the clock will be dead on =). Second, the clock is hard to see – it’s not backlit and it’s quite dim, so don’t think this will be your main clock in the kitchen. Third, and this isn’t the coffee maker’s fault, if you lose power and forget to reset the clock, the timer will still go off at the preset time which is no longer accurate. The other morning I woke up and calculated that the coffee had been made at 11:00 the night before! Then of course you have the problem of resetting the clock…. 7. Front access is an excellent feature – we have it pushed into the back corner of our counter and under the cabinets. 8. The only problem I can see is that after a few months, coffee residue accumulates in the water compartment in the back. If you look with a flashlight, you’ll see quite a bit of brown residue that’s difficult to get to. We often use a wet paper towel and a small hand to reach it and wipe it down. I’m not entirely sure how it gets there but it does. Hopefully it does not get moldy. Overall, a great coffee maker. The coffee tastes great and I would recommend this to anybody!


DeLonghi DCF212T Drip Coffeemaker With Convenient Front Accessbest Price2 Stars for the front accessWe bought this coffee maker at Target (cheaper on Amazon) and have had it less than 90 days. It has never seemed to make very hot coffee and now the burner has quit working all together. I really liked the front access feature, but other than that it was a waste of money.DeLonghi DCF212T Drip Coffeemaker With Convenient Front Accesssalewonderful coffeemakeri purchased this item because it was the only one i could find at the time with the front loading feature at a reasonable price. it’s nice to not have to pull the machine out from underneath the cabinets everyday just to add water & coffee. i have been using this coffeemaker daily for over a year with zero problems. aroma brewing feature produces a nice strong cup of coffee. carafe doesn’t drip when pouring. my only minor complaint is that the cup measurement on the carafe doesn’t seem to equate to the water level on the machine. i just judge by the reading on the carafe and coffee tastes great. some reviews on here mention that coffee is not hot enough, but i haven’t found this to be a problem at all. overall, i highly recommend this product.DeLonghi DCF212T Drip Coffeemaker With Convenient Front AccessThey made it better!We had the old DeLonghi for almost a decade, and have been very pleased with it. My husband uses it a LOT. This new design is a definite upgrade, because we can access everything we need from the front. This makes it easier to clean, and easier to operate in our crowded kitchen. After my husband’s coffee fondness would cause the cheap ones to break in 9 months or so, we splurged on a DeLonghi, and saved money!watch out black & deckerI have always had a spacesaver pot which attaches under my cabinet. After the last 4 broke in about a years time I bought this front fill Delonghi. My hubby built a slide out drawer type shelf under this same cabinet and WOW what a difference.. This pot really cooks.

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