DeLonghi DC312T

by admin on August 16, 2010


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Good deal on large coffeemaker. Now that we have four coffee drinkers in the house we needed a larger coffeemaker. This one works well and brews a pot fast.


DeLonghi 14-Cup COffemakerI purchased this coffeemaker from Amazon to replace the same model I have had and loved for years. I had broken the old carafe and tried to purchase a replacement, but it was more expensive than buying a whole new coffeemaker (especially since there was $10 rebate). I ordered the new one from Amazon which had the lowest price, but was disappointed when the carafe leaked all over the place when I poured coffee. I called Amazon customer service which was great about immediately sending me an entirely new product, which works fine. Since I had 30 days to return the original, I was able to try the new one to make sure the new carafe was not defective. I was very pleased with Amazon’s service and I am happy with my coffee maker again. (Please note that if you want a bright clock display, you will not get it on this product. The display is small and dim, but a minor detail since it makes a large pot of coffee and the “beep” when done brewing is a nice feature to let you know it’s ready if you step away for a while.)Great Coffee MakerMy cheaper Black and Decker’s programing for auto coffee making has broken every time we have bought one so we decided to try and update to a better brand and Star Bucks uses this one so why not? My Aunt liked the way it looked on our counter so much she had me order her one and the 14 cup decanter is a big plus!! Very simple and easy to use and clean and the coffee is super hot!!! I love a permanent filter always and the enclosed area makes it easy to keep clean and the nicest thing? It never drips at all when your pour!!! yeah!! Even when it it so full and we love having coffee ready in the morning. The aroma feature is nice when adding just a few extra grounds to the old ones to make a cup or two if needed. It would come in handy too if you want to just put a spoonful or two in of fresh and make 3-4 cups. I think your coffee grounds would stretch further. You never know when coffee will sky rocket again-HA!! Oh, and their customer service people are very nice and helpful!!!Love it!My favorite coffee maker so far. A) The carafe is nearly unDRIPable. B) Timer is a good feature. C) Built-in filter also accepts paper filters. Reservoir is easy to fill. Shower-head water design hits all the grounds evenly. D) Auto stop E) Can make 4 cups or 14 cups CON: When you open the lid after brewing, there is a lot of condensation, and it all drips down the back of the machine. (You must open it to a 75 degree angle and let the water drip back into the reservoir.)Best I have ownedGreat capacity, no spill pouring, distributes water over grounds instead of one straight stream, easy access to removable filter canister, almost no water lost to evaporation durring brewing. The only reason it does not get 5 stars is because I want the auto cutoff to wait an extra hour or two before it shuts off. Not bad…while it lastedLike another reviewer, I purchased this in 10/2008. If you want a disposable unit, it made pretty good coffee. Even though it was on the inexpensive side, I still expected much more than 15 months out of it. Oh, but it looked pretty nice too. Nice big pot. :)

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