DeLonghi All-in-One Coffeemakers

by admin on August 12, 2010

Delonghi makes great coffee makers, espresso machines, latte and cappuccino makers. What is greater yet is they make all these in one coffee making machine. With anyone of the following coffee makers you turn your kitchen into a coffee shop that will fill all your coffee making needs.

The Magnifica features a push-button and knob operation that allows you to prepare an espresso, cappuccino and lattes with the touch of a button. The digital control panel has programmable menu settings so you can select your strength and size of the cup you want. This machine really does it all; it grinds the beans with a conical burr grinder, the double-boiler system extracts the espresso and steams the milk with a push of a button and a turn of a knob. This double-boiler also eliminates waiting time between an espresso and a cappuccino. This machine has a cup warmer for more flavorful hot espresso drinks. The hot water spout offers hot water for other drinks such as hot tea, hot chocolate or hot cider. Ease of using this also include a removable 60 ounce water tank and an automatic decalcification light to let you know it’s time to clean the machine.

The BCO130T is an all-in-one machine can brew coffee and espresso simultaneously. It also prepares cappuccino, latte or hot chocolate perfectly. The patented frother creates perfect cappuccinos and lattes. Instant Dispenser lets you add froth by way of the patented frother right into the same cup as your coffee or cappuccino. The Vario system and AccuFlavor selector dials allow you to choose the strength of espresso or coffee to your exact taste. This coffee machine is equipped with an adjustable steam emission for espresso or cappuccino that includes a pressure safety valve to ensure safe operation. It also has an exclusive safety cap to prevent accidental opening. The warming plate is great a keeping warm your coffee carafe warm or an espresso cup while working on another drink. When making a 10 cup carafe of coffee, the drip interrupt allows you to remove the carafe so you can have a cup before the entire brewing is done.    

The BCO120T all-in-one machine can brew coffee and espresso simultaneously like the BCO130T. It also prepares cappuccino, latte or hot chocolate perfectly. The programmable digital timer has a 2 hour automatic shut-off.  This machine has the Vario system and AccuFlavor selector dials that allows you to choose the strength of espresso or coffee. You can adjust the steam emission for espresso or cappuccino when using the swivel jet frother. The drip-interrupt is great if you want an early cup when you are making a full 10 cups in the carafe. The BCO120T also includes 4 cup espresso carafe, which can be used for frothing for cappucinnos and also makes it an all-in-one coffee maker. The water tank is removable for ease of filling and it has a decalcification system. This machine is a lower lever machine and is not well rated.

 The BCO264B Esclusivo coffee espresso machine is a 10 cup coffee machine. Actually, it is a three-in-one machine that prepares coffee, cappuccino and espresso drinks. The 15 bar stainless steel boiler and patented frother easily froths milk for cappuccinos. The patented brewing system includes a permanent gold filter. Like the other machines it has a programmable timer. The machine has a commercial, 53 mm, material stainless steel / plastic handle portafilter or you can use pods.   

Why the different type of coffee espresso machines? Simple, it is to fit the needs and demands of customers. One coffee maker is really an espresso, cappuccino, latte maker that has a burr grinder and a water spout for tea or hot chocolate; another can offer brewed coffee and espresso at the same time each with a varied strength you want. Yet, another is somewhat a mirror image of the other, but does not do as well. The latter three have 10 cup carafes. The last has a gold filter for coffee and a commercial sized portafilter and takes pod for making espresso. These machines also have quite a range in what they can do; they also have quite a range in price.   

Joyce owns and is very knowledgeable about commercial coffeemakers having worked with churches on appliance choices for there commercial kitchens. She has written information on how to take care of coffeemakers, espresso machines and why one year warranties are not a bad thing on her blog site:


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