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Cuisinart Two To Go Coffee Maker – A Good Buy

by admin on May 7, 2010

The Cuisinart Two to Go Coffee Maker brews right into two travel mugs that hold 14 ounces of coffee each. The enticing black housing and top quality stainless steel mugs look great in any kitchen. Handy, the Cuisinart Two To Go coffee maker’s travel-ready mugs have close fitting lids and are ergonomically designed for a comfortable, slip-free grip. They fit most automobile cup holders, and their extra-deep sipping wells stops spills.This particular unit is awfully cool. I honestly am not a very tidy person, my sink is full of stuff to clean, but with this I only have to wash out two cups and run standard water thru the unit to clean. I cannot understand why there are not more of these available, they skip an aggravating step in the daily coffee making process, and it keeps the bitter away!I am really impressed by how well this works. The coffee comes out tasting wonderful, and it’s very fast. Due to the straightforwardness of making coffee with this machine I even find myself drinking coffee a ton more often than I used to- I used to NEVER drink coffee.However, I do have a couple of minor recommendations to Cuisinart for future editions of this coffee maker: it would be actually useful if the base had some kind of warming feature. Since these mugs have immaculate steel surfaces they can’t be microwaved, so if you can’t drink the coffee immediately it would be nice if there had been a warming part on the base. I think the most important thing that is lacking from this product is an automatic timer. Designed for some one on the move, it’d it would be good to have the coffee already brewed so that after getting ready in the morning it’s there waiting to be grabbed before heading out the door, rather than having to hang around for it. Also, the Cuisinart Two to Go Coffee Maker product leaflet doesn’t suggest putting these mugs in the dishwasher ; since one of the selling points of this coffee maker is convenience for people on the go, it would be nice if the mugs might be machine-washed rather than hand-washed. But another advantage of this coffeemaker is the fact that any commuter mug may be used, so if you have one of those plastic travel mugs from Starbucks, those are microwave and dishwasher safe, so you can decide to use those to brew the coffee instead. {If you are a coffee drinker|If you really love coffee, you might want to look at a few of these other items from Cuisinart: Cuisinart pod coffee maker, Cuisinart gold tone filters, or any of the Cuisinart coffee maker filters, the Cuisinart thermal coffee maker, any of the Cuisinart coffee grinders (the Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker is one of the things on my Christmas list!), and of course, the Cuisinart espresso maker!All in all, this Cuisinart Two to Go Coffee Maker is suggested for : * people who only drink 1 or two cups of coffee a day* People who are on the run a lot and are out of time to fuss with a complete pot of coffee* People with little kitchens who can’t have a conventional coffeemaker cluttering up their counter spaceRead more about the Cuisinart Two to Go Coffee Maker.

N. Siswick is owner of where they sell Cuisinart coffee makers along with 100’s of other kitchen items.


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