Coffee Pods 101 – a Guide to Coffee Pods

by admin on July 21, 2010

Coffee pods are really a very cool invention. Before they came about, to get a single cup of coffee at home, one would have to either make instant coffee or measure out just enough grounds for an automatic drip coffee pot.

Since most coffee enthusiasts don’t enjoy instant coffee, people were forced to either make too much of the beverage or try to put just enough coffee grounds into the filter. Coffee pods, however, eliminated this problem.

Coffee pods are pre packaged ground coffee beans enclosed in their own filter. Circular in shape, they’re very similar to a tea bag, but do not have a string attached to them. Also, unlike tea bags, they’re not meant to be steeped in a hot cup of water.

Instead, these pods are made for special coffee makers that are designed to make one cup of coffee at a time. This way, when you go to refill your cup, you don’t have to resort to the last stale bit of coffee that has been sitting in a pot for hours on end.

A fresh cup of coffee each time you go to get your daily dose of caffeine is a fantastic idea. Sanseo is the company that came up with the idea, and has a patented coffee maker which uses the pods.

Folgers Coffee has come out with their own coffee pods, which Sanseo sued under patent laws. A judge decided to hear the case, and found that Folgers had a right to produce and market coffee pods under the coffee pod name. Sanseo had the rights to the coffee maker, but the patent did not extend to cover the pods themselves.

Since then, other companies have come out with their own coffee pods. Used just like a pre filled normal sized coffee filter, more and more people are starting to discover them.

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