Coffee Brewers And Coffee Machines Making Life Easier In Offices And Homes

by admin on July 5, 2010

Coffee brewers and coffee maker machines are the hot items in offices and homes today. Coffee maker machines once used only in restaurants have found their way into homes and offices.

For millions of people coffee has become a ‘daily beverage’. Their day starts with a cup full of coffee that provides them enough adrenaline for working energetically whole day. It helps people in overcoming physical and emotional stress.

A coffee maker machine is used to brew coffee. In most common coffee maker machines, coffee grounds are placed in a paper or metal filter located inside funnel of the machine. The funnel rests over a glass or ceramic coffee pot. Cold water poured into machine’s chamber is heated to boiling temperature and directed into the funnel. This method of preparing coffee is called automatic dip brew.

You will find several types of coffee maker machines under different brand names. Drip coffee percolators, drip coffee maker and vacuum coffee brewer are some widely used coffee maker machines.

Electrification of homes simplified the working of percolators to a large extent and made them ubiquitous in many homes. Invention of heating elements and safe electric fuses led to wide acceptance of electric coffee maker machines in the second half of 20th century.

Vacuum coffee maker machines were introduced in 1915, making first time use of pyrex globes instead of glass ones. Pyrex globes removed fragility of machines and made them commercially viable appliance. Simple functionality and sleek design made these vacuum coffee maker machines more popular.

The first automatic drip brew coffee maker came to market in 1972. It combined percolating and brewing process together. Since then these machines have undergone big change in size and shape. Modern drip brew coffee maker machines are slim and compact in design.

Commercial coffee brewers are another type of coffee brewers. They also brew equally good cup of coffee at an optimum temperature with maximum taste extraction from the coffee grounds. Most of the commercial coffee brewers come in automatic type as well as pour over type models. These commercial brewers can be easily installed to a water line. They require minimal maintenance which is provided free by the manufacturers. Offices can save a good amount of money annually by having a commercial coffee brewer in their premises, while allowing office staff to enjoy tasty coffee. For more information visit us at

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