Coffee Beans – How long to grind for drip coffee maker?

by admin on June 7, 2010

I recently joined Seattle Coffee Direct and received coffee beans and Cuisinart coffee grinder. I always just bought ground or ground it using the machine at the grocery store. So, I need advice. How many coffee beans do I put in for a pot of coffee? How long do I grind it to get the right grind for my drip coffee maker? How long do I grind for my percolator (yes, I have one of those too).


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Elizabeth M June 7, 2010 at 7:45 pm

I have a different grinder, so you might need to experiment with yours. I almost fill the grinder cup (leave some room), and grind while counting to 10. This makes just a little more than enough coffee for a 10-pot coffee pot. This is drip. I haven’t used a perc in a long time! Hope this helps.

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