Choosing the Best Coffee Maker

by admin on June 18, 2010

If you’re an authentic coffee drinker, choosing a quality coffee maker is a decision that should not be taken for granted. If you are planning to mix your favorite coffee on your own, you will need a coffee maker that has all the features you need. Although most coffee machines look alike, each functions differently to provide varying tastes.

The most common coffee maker is called the percolator. These types of machines work by filtering the boiling water through the coffee grounds. Used usually with lightly roasted coffees, percolators remain the traditional way of making coffee. Although many people love these types of coffee makers, some people don’t fancy the bitterness in the coffee because of prolonged boiling.

An automatic drip is the most convenient coffee maker, which is designed to work on its own. After adding cold water into its reservoir, the device heats up to a specified temperature. It then pulses repeatedly through the coffee grounds that rest in the filter. Some automatic drip models have switches that slow down the pulsing of water, allowing you to balance the taste of coffee without over-boiling.

Higher-end models of coffee makers claim to provide you with excellent reliability, state-of-the-art designs, practical features and most importantly, the accurate brewing temperature. The problem with most coffee makers is that they cannot achieve proper temperature, resulting in bitter-tasting coffees due to over boiling.

Coffee Maker Features: What Do You Really Need?

The features of the coffee maker you buy will largely affect the taste of your cup of coffee. Although there are different features offered by various brands, you need to identify what you need, from those you can live without.

Some coffee makers have programmable timers, clocks and auto shut-off. These are ideal for people who usually forget that they’re brewing coffee. Since over-boiling could change the taste of the beans, these features allow you to customize the time of boiling and program the machine when to shut down.

The water reservoir and filter basket are two important things you should look for in a coffee machine. Some models provide a large water reservoir, while others only supply a small space for water. Filter baskets have different shapes and sizes – choose between a swing-out or slide-out models.

Adjustable water temperature is an ideal feature for coffee makers because you can customize the level of hotness your coffee would turn out. The most ideal water temperature needs to be around 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Choosing the coffee machine for your home or office will depend largely on your budget, size needed, brand and features offered. If the coffee maker fits your personal or household needs, then that is the best device for you.

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