Check The Energy Efficiency Of A Home Before You Buy

by admin on August 21, 2010

High energy costs are becoming a major headache for homeowners, and looking ways to reduce energy bills and make their homes more pleasant is turning into a priority. A number of small actions will all add up, and not simply have a significant impact on your monthly bill, however can increase the market price of your property over time.In most homes, the biggest energy users are the large appliances like freezers, dryers, dishwashers and all the electronics that entertain us and improve our lives. Almost all newer models of large appliances have undergone an assessment based on the US EPA EnergyStar rating system that determines the true amount of savings users can realize by buying a newer appliance. Aside from the fact that they draw less power, recent appliances are less noisy, perform better and do not face imminent repair costs since they are under warranty. Even changing small appliances such as blenders, coffee makers and toaster ovens with an energy efficient model can make a big difference in your regular power bill.Many resale homes, and even new ones, often do not have proper insulation up in the roof which makes your heating and cooling system to lose efficiency. By just installing fibreglass insulation along the attic floor and roof line, a significant amount of heat that is dissipating through the voids may be preserved. By installing an attic fan, you can force the warm air out so that on moderate days you will not need to run the air conditioner. Older communities may have more of these deficiencies however if you were to search for Barrie real estate for sale you might discover newer houses that have more up-to-date insulation.As a rule of thumb, any HVAC system older than 15 years may be replaced because it is going to increase your energy bill as it declines in efficiency and needs more repeated repairs. Portable HVAC units and full house heating and cooling systems that have EnergyStar ratings usually have incentives for homeowners to buy new that involve Federal subsidies, manufacturer rebates or local grants. An agent will know about the rebates being offered since it is usually part of their real estate sales training that they have to undergo on regular basis.Solar power arrays, wind turbines and geothermal HVAC systems may be set up to virtually take your house off the grid and many pay for the investment in 20 years, after which you will have free renewable power. Solar panels can also be used to power individual outdoor appliances such as gate openers, path lights, heaters for hut tubs and swimming pool filtration systems. Adding this may help a Brampton house for sale when there is a buyer’s market and competition is tight.In places where water is scarce, and even where it’s not, water costs were climbing and having a plan to reduce water usage is smart. Installing low-flow faucets, toilets and drip irrigation equipments could reduce your daily usage of water.The plants you select to put in your landscape may effect your ability to efficiently heat and cool your property. By planting bushes, large shade trees and carefully positioning trellises, you will significantly protect south facing walls from harsh sunlight. Another energy-saving strategy is to plant rows of evergreens to divert winter winds.

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