Capresso 585 Disk Type 14OZ. Burr Grinder Bundle With Coffee Grinder Cleaner

by admin on May 29, 2010

  • Capresso 585 Disk Type Burr Grinder 14OZ. Stainless Steel
  • Urnex 17-GRINDZ12-40 Grindz Coffee Grinder Cleaner

Product Description
* Unique vertical grinding prevents clogging. No ground coffee stays inside the grinder. Extremely easy to clean with special spiral brush.
* Insulated safety lid for lowest grinding noise in its class! Grinder only operates with lid in place.
* Burr Grinding Wheels deliver consistent, uniform grinding.
* 17 position grind selector delivers the correct fineness for espresso, drip, French Press and percolators.
* Removable upper burr for easy cleaning.
* Large 14 oz. bean container.
* Separate On/Off button. Stop grinding at any time. Use for pulse grinding.
* Electronic timer. Can be set to grind from 8 to 40 seconds.
* Ground coffee container with lid. Holds up to 5 oz. of coffee. Extra safety: when ground coffee container lid is not in place, grinder will not grind.
* Internal cord storage lets you retrieve the needed length of the power cord.
* Handsome brushed stainless steel housing.

–PLUS– Coffee Grinder Cleaner

Capresso 585 Disk Type 14OZ. Burr Grinder Bundle With Coffee Grinder Cleaner


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S. Q. Wales May 29, 2010 at 9:59 am

The design is nice, but what I was really looking for was a much quieter coffee grinder, and this model, while quieter than my previous grinder (a 5 year old Cuisinart grinder that sounded like a jet plane taking off), is not AS quiet as I was hoping. Guess I should’ve gone for the even more expensive one. What I do like about this one versus the more expensive model is that it will actually hold an entire bag of coffee beans, which is nice. On the whole, I’m not terribly upset, but if you’re looking for a super quiet coffee grinder, go for the more expensive model.
Rating: 3 / 5

Larry Tomaw May 29, 2010 at 11:05 am

I was slow to buy this coffee grinder because of the price. I went ahead and the grinder arrived on time.

Two weeks later I began to have problems with it. I called the company and was told me I had inserted the grinding burr up-side-down. I was advised how to reset the coffee maker, the grinding burr was pulled out and inserted the correct way. It did not work.

The Capresso rep. told me they would repair the grinder with no charges and send a pre-paid shipping label.

Two weeks went by and I received a letter telling me I was eligible for a free repair. NO SHIPPING LABEL.

I called another rep. who said I would receive the free mailing label in a day or two since it was mailed by a different department.

I waited another 10 days and called them re:NO SHIPPING LABEL. I was informed that it had not been mailed and would be “over-nighted to me in “MAYBE” a day or two.”

I really feel Amazon should not carry this product. No idea when I might grind my own coffee beans again.

Rating: 3 / 5

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