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by admin on August 9, 2010

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I loved this unit, if I have the beginning of last year … But lately some serious problems that come and go. I think you get what you pay for $ 79. Keurig not replace them. 1) The coffee is not hot enough … was hot in a microwave oven. 2) Sometimes the water does not beer .. Creation of a “short cup” coffee …. 3) Often the gas cap is not open and there is no override. In other words .. Sometimes you do not have a cup of coffee at all. Keurig was replaced with a MINI MINI PLUS (B30) … No wonder, as B30 has serious defects that occur in the course of time. carry too much plastic? And “our economy and disposable.


Keurig B30 Mini Brewerseasy to useThis is one of the easier coffee maker to use. when you push against the push word at the top, this will opens up the lid, where you place the k-cup, after you close this, than another lid opens for you to pour in the water to a water lever that is clearly mark. After you closes this lid, a little cup light will flash to let you know that you need to place a cup in the space where your cup goes. ( a clear cup will not work) Than the brew light will flash, when you push this button, you will have a fresh cup of coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate within 3 minutes. This unit is ideal for one or two people, who may each have their only taste. You can get different boxes of samples coffees, flavors or not and usually in 22 or 24 cup sizes from amazon. This way you can try different ones to see which ones you like.


LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have 3 of them. It is just so convienient to have plus you can have a variety of different coffees in a row.


Nicely Built and ConvenientThis unit is nicely built and is very compact. We live in a small cottage and not much room for appliances. If you are like us and only drink one cup at a time, it’s great. No grinders, bags of beans or coffee grinds and makes great coffee. Only thing I do not like about this unit is the start sequence is a bit confusing. I suppose I should have read the instructions…. I would recommend this to those who only need to brew a cup at a time. Pretty happy so far.


Quick HOT cofee? YES! Taste? There is none!Saw this at BED BATH & BEYOND on CLEARANCE for $49.99. Always heard great things about these KEURIGS so figured I cant lose at $49.00. WRONG!! Unlike other reviewers, I had no problems with the ‘functionality’. Works just fine. Not noisy as others commented. Actually brews fairly quickly and ease of use is great. I mean there is nothing to it. Add water to fill line. Pop in kcup. 2 minutes later, your coffee is ready and unit shuts off automatically. Not much to clean…very quick and easy. And yes, my coffee was PLENTY hot. Even after adding cream and sugar and stirring it was still PLENTY hot. BUT and this is a BIG BUT…..I sampled a TON of kcup varieties and EVERY SINGLE ONE tasted like hot water with a slight coffee taste to it. So, I put in about 5oz of water instead of 8 and it then came out OK. Not great. But ok with decent flavor. So, no defects, works fine, easy to use, quick to use, plenty hot, but good grief, the cost of these kcups is expensive and I have to use 2 to get just a decent, not great, but decent 8 – 10oz cup of coffee. Honestly, even using 2 kcups, it still does NOT taste as good as NESCAFE GOURMET DARK ROAST INSTANT COFFEE. Yes, thats right, INSTANT COFFEE (only talking about the nescafe I mentioned) tasted better. So, loved everything, but even for $49, I am returning it. It could be $19 and I would return it as what good is it if you cant make a good tasting cup of coffee? Far Too WEAK and to try and get it bold and strong using 2 kcups to get a 10oz drink is a pain and even then it still is not as good as Nesacafe Gourmet dark Roast INSTANT!! I know there are a TON of positive reviews and I know KEURIGS are very popular, but I have to agree with those that say it is far too weak a coffee. Really stinks as $49 seemed like a great deal and it certainly is quick and easy and it DID come out plenty hot even after cream was added, but the taste of each coffee I sampled was awful using 8oz and using 5oz it was only OK…..And having to use to expensive kcups just to get a fair 10oz of coffee that is not even as good as certain instant coffee’s, it just aint worth it. $$’s are not the issue. I just want a good tasting cup of coffee. So, I will keep looking….ordered a french press, actually 3 of them, different varieties and a similar drip, coffee maker that brews 16oz straight in to a travel mug (only $15…guess we’ll see if it is worth a darn but it has great reviews) from AMZN. I plan to keep the one I like best and give the others as gifts, but even at $49.00 this KEURIG B-30 is going back to BED BATH & BEYOND….I dont need to spend 1 cent for some hot water with a slight coffee taste. Oddly, the ‘weak taste’ reviews only seem to appear on the B-30…the other models I see very few people saying it tastes ‘weak’, but with the B30, weak is actually an understatement.


Hubby drinks coffie, i dont!Got this for Christmas for my husband, he enjoys a nice cup of coffee every once and a while. I love the smell of coffee, but i don’t like to drink it! Its a small easy to use machine, that Looks beautiful, we got red, and its a perfect purposeful counter top accent to our red kitchen(just like a kitchen-aid but a whole lot less bulky) Yes, it makes a small cup of coffee, and yes, the K-cups are pricey, BUT we still love it. It makes tea, and hot Coco that i LOVE! I don’t dump coffee that no one drank. We also got the reusable filter that lets us fill brew our own ground coffee or loose tea. We also entertain a lot, and people like different flavors, and strength coffee. Perfect for little counter space, with lots of style,someone who likes a quick single cup of coffee with a small or no mess.

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