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by admin on May 30, 2010

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I bought this coffee maker based primarily on reviews, and I regret ever! Among the gargoyles swivel arm that separate / removable cap, which must be removed for preparation, but still of thermal insulation and hard cover screw (which in itself to pay) must be abandoned. I never had a coffee discomfort. I refuse to put up with all these defects to get my coffee.


Zojirushi EC-BD15 Fresh Brew Thermal Carafe Coffee MakerThe heating element died after only 6 months !The heating element died after only 6 months ! At least they referred me to a local service provider, five minutes from my house (hence an extra star). Still very disappointed, considering that a coffeemaker I had, 1/5 of the price of this one, lasted 5 times longer !!

BuyingZojirushi EC-BD15 Fresh Brew Thermal Carafe Coffee MakerWell OURS DIDN’T WORK!We had this coffee maker for 1 year whilst brewing coffee 2x a day and it simply refused to brew one morning and never again brewed. ALSO IF YOU MAKE MORE THAN 8 CUPS OF COFFEE IT OVERFLOWS ALL OVER THE PLACE CREATING A LIQUID MESS onto your countertop. Stick with Cuisinart or another well known brand that Macy’s would carry. Not to mention this unit is poorly constructed and feels cheap.


I don’t get the bad reviews?! Prooves that no matter what you can’t please everyone, I guess!This is a great coffee maker for the price. I’m very puzzled by the naysayers. I suppose it’s possible there are defective units out there? As for the one I received – it delivers on each count. Coffee- delicious and HOT! Looks – Great (the thin plastic complaints are unfounded in my opinion) Ease of Cleaning – 5*’s! For me, it’s all about the LARGE 12 cup thermal carafe. I used to go through a cheap glass canister per year at least. Plus pouring the coffee with EVERY coffee maker prior to this one had to be done over the sink because of drips. Not ONE drip escapes the carafe. I LOVE THAT. As for the complaints about the filter not fitting, the cap being too tight, coffee exploding all over the counter: I just don’t get it! The filter thing is really unfounded, mine fit right in as long as they are flush with the bottom (the way they are designed). The cap being too tight? I think they are screwing it on too tight in the first place. Coffee explosions? Never happens to me, and it happened at least monthly with my old black and decker and mr coffee units. No grounds in the brewed coffee either. I have to say – ignore the haters. They come off to me after re-reading the reviews as (I have to say it) nincompoops!!!! No matter what time you set your timer for, enjoy waking up to the rich, hot, coffee from your completely trouble free new coffee maker.


Very pleased with the coffee. Not pleased with the stains the rubber pieces leave on my white counter.Makes very good coffee that’s very hot (not sure what the other reviewer is complaining about there). However my review is more here as a warning to anyone that has white countertops (like the Corian ones) at home. This coffee maker has a non-skid bottom (for all those times your coffee maker goes flying off the counter, I guess?!?) that has these black rubber circles and if there is any water whatsoever under the machine which happens when you pour water in, it leaves little permanent circle marks all over my countertop. I’ve scrubbed with scouring powder and they’ve come off a bit, but not all the way. Oh well. So be warned if you have the same counters. Otherwise, I’d give it four stars.


makes great coffeeMy husband and I researched many coffee pots and reviews prior to our purchase. Our main concentration was that the pot was well built with most items coming from China where I feel the quality controls are not as high as they should be. This pot makes great coffee. The only thing that made us choose 4 stars versus 5 is filling the water tank. The ball to measure the water level reacts very very slow. To get around this my husband has premeasured the amount of water the tank takes so that he does not have to wait and wait to see if the tank is full. The carafe keeps the coffee warm with a great taste.


Good, not perfectMy Zojirushi EC-BD15 coffee maker is better than most, but still not perfect. It brews a great cup of hot coffee and the carafe keeps the coffee hot for hours. That said, the carafe is somewhat awkward for pouring. You have to unscrew the lid a bit for the coffee to come out, but it comes out very slowly. If you open the top too far, it spills. The coffee maker itself is very tall – doesn’t fit under my cupboards. For the price, though, I would buy it again.

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